Welcome to Bodø’s new meeting center


Book your next meeting at Ørbn – at the heart of Jakhelln Brygge

Ørbn is inspired by Bodø as an urban city. The meeting center offers a northern atmosphere, with high-end service and personalized experiences. Find calm and inspiration in Attme, Midnattsol or Metro. The meeting rooms supports larger and smaller meetings, workshops and international video conferences.


Metro is our largest meeting room and seats 15-20 people. The room gives you a sense of both the city and the ocean. You can almost smell the salty ocean that lies just outside. 3500,- per day with coffee, tea and water. Daily rent is also possible.


Attme is our most intimate meeting room and seats 8 people. Attme is faced towards the open area at center of the building. 3000,- per day with coffee, tea and water. Daily rent is also possible.


Midnattsol is located next to the staff restaurant and is perfect for larger meetings with extra space around the table. 3000,-pr day with coffee, tea and water. Daily rent is also possible.



We have high quality equipment in all of our meeting rooms. For special requests, please contact us.

We adjust our menu according to the seasons

In March 2020, we will open our own staff restaurant at Ørbn - not to be confused with a traditional Norwegian cafeteria. We serve high-quality dishes, cooked by skilled chefs. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be nothing less than a tasting experience, best shared with colleagues or visitors.

Staff restaurant

Our chefs are genuin food-enthusiasts who work hard to give our guests a culinary experience. It’s a win-win situation.


Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant. For only 170 kr you can enjoy «Todays husmann», a great alternative if you are missing out on dinner at home or just want to enjoy good food without having to make it yourself.


From January 2020 until the staff restaurant is ready in March 2020, Olsens Bakery will deliver lunch to our tenants.



We hope to make lunch one of the highlights of your day: A pleasant moment to share with your colleagues or visitors. Our creative chefs develop the menu according to the seasons, serving dishes based on tasteful ingredients at their very best.


We serve a hot dish and a soup every day, in addition to a rich and nutritious salad buffet. Bread is a big thing for us Norwegians. Our bread is always freshly baked and best enjoyed with our hand-whipped butter.


Conference Meals

Good food gives both mood and moral a boost during long meetings and can help increase productivity.


Our menu includes a good selection of delicious sandwiches, bakery goods and selected hot and cold drinks. You are free to enjoy meals in the meeting room. If you have any special needs or wishes, we will do our best to fulfill them.


We look forward to giving you a great food experience!

Do you have any special food requests?

We customize our menus according to allergies and do our best to meet needs related to religion or beliefs. We can also label the food so that it is easy to get an overview of various allergens.

Get in contact for a tailored menu